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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Knitting Specifics with Photos!!

(Psst -- don't look now, but I think we have some renters on the horizon. Don't talk too loud, or we may scare them off.)

Projects I have finished:

Broadstreet mittens from - blue, silky hazy yarn of unknown source turned into half-finger mittens with a mitten cover on the top for quick changes when you need your fingertips on very cold days.

A single anklet sock for my daughter out of hand-dyed bright blue and cherry red. The toe and heel are bright blue with a blue cuff edging. The first inch after the change to red has a row of asymmetric blue diamonds (it was just so plain, ya know?) that my daughter said looked just like bluebirds. I used inequal amounts of my limited supply of the two colors on the first sock, so my second sock may have to be made in exact opposite colors (and therefore the bluebirds will become cardinals?), but at least the socks will appear to be a pair (birds of a feather? har, har.)

And, finally, an incredible soft bright blue chemo cap from a pattern I located on, for a relative who is battling the big "C" on two fronts. The yarn is from my stash, purchased four years ago from Grace Gerber of Gerber Funny Farm in Larkspur Colorado. It is alpaca and merino, and softer than any human hair. It should bring some comfort in the valley of the shadow, while we are waiting for remission and recovery.

On the needles:

A bright pink acrylic baby dress in a lace-bottomed tent-like pattern that only babies can get away with. This one according to the gauge I am getting is destined for a three-year old with a chubby tummy. I think we will be able to find one of those somewhere.

A soft pink Hayfield Grampian DK wool dress for Christmas that some ingenious person saw in a magazine and posted on ebay after ripping it from the original magazine. I do applaude entrepreneur-ship whenever I see it, and this was a gold mine for that clever person. Whoever gets this dress will NOT be needing a winter coat, let me tell you!

I will post more when we get the pictures downloaded, or when the renters have signed. Let us devoutly pray that it is the latter.

And here, for your exquisite enjoyment, is definite proof that God is in His Heaven, and All Is Right With the World.

Mama: "Graham, where is Jesus?"

Graham (three yrs. old): "Jesus ... in my heart!"


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