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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pieces of Advice

Summer Knitting and Important Reflections for Life

The french vanilla micro-spun socks are done, and my dd has adopted them.

The teacher present of a beaded linen drawstring pouch with jasmine tea inside has been finished and presented. I think I may begin a stash of these easy pretty projects, and call them "earring travel pouches." Unless I can get a photo from the teacher, the next one will have to be the focus of a photo for your enjoyment.

The lavender Crocus Pattern baby dress is awaiting its sleeves and I am adding what was delicately called a "soaker" (diaper cover). ("Soaker" rather conjures up the feeling that I need to wash my hands after I touch it.)

Looking for suggestions for a summer light knit. I have a pair of cotton socks to finish for a present heading to San Antonio this month, and then I believe I will gravitate towards a cotton shrug for myself this summer.

This weekend is the Pikes Peak Irish Dance Competition in Colorado Springs. We get to spend the night in a hotel with cable television!! Isabel is in her Beginner II dance level for the Single Jig, Light Jig, Slip Jig and Reel.

House News: Three tentatively interested parties, and no offers yet. We were just offered a house in August for a free week long stay at the northern tip of Long Island. It is the most beautiful spot in the world for summering, and I am convinced it is a Sign from God that we will be selling the house this month so we will be free to go. Our agent is working up a lather generating interest in this house, so we expect to hear something soon. Check out

You need a picture. Let me find something entertaining...

Yes, this is my handsome son, Simon, and I, his tired but happy mother.

The photos of my other two darling children are sideways, and I didn't want to give you all cricks in your faithful, blog-reading necks.

Before we head off, I want to leave you with advice from Smart People in my family circle, which has always stood me in good stead, that has never been written down anywhere. You are reading history in the making.

My Belgian Grandmother, Elisabeth Everard de Harzir:

"Always wear good shoes. Your underwear may be held together with safety pins, but always wear good shoes."

My mother, Flore-Marie Hervert (nee Everard de Harzir):

"The other guy's foot is not on your gas pedal." (Essentially, don't give in to a tailgater's pressure, but I find it works as a guide to peer pressure in general.)

My father, Richard Hervert:

"If you start to trip, break into a run. It will keep you from falling." (This has been a remarkably successful piece of advice, and has saved many a vacation on uneven pavement from putting me in the hospital.)

My oldest and longest friend, Charley Pope:

"What good is a million dollars if your feet hurt?" (See BonneMaman's advice, above.)


  • At 3:24 PM, Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said…

    Have fun at the dance competition and I hope your daughter really enjoys it.

    I'm praying for the house to sell!

    Thanks so much for the family wisdom sayings. They are great!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger Miss Knotty said…

    That really is good advice, I must say.

    Thanks for the tip on the corsety-type-thing yarn! All that's been back-burnered until I get baby gifts done (my sil is pregnant with my parents' first grandbaby. Naturally I was enlisted to make the gifts. Naturally.)

    I'll check out her ebay ad for sure (although I'm on a yarn diet until I use up some stash and buy a digital camera - which I'm also hunting e-bay for.)

    Good luck on 5419 Omaha, and I'm sure your daughter will take the competition!

    The Whimsy


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