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Monday, February 06, 2006

When Life Is A Series of One-Way Tickets

"Your brother. His life is a series of one-way tickets." - Momy

What does that mean? I am not certain what it means, but I do know what it feels like.

Today was a series of one-way tickets, never getting back to the original plan for my day. I did get a couple of rows done on a fun fur/chunky knit combo muff for my daughter. The muff for her little friend's birthday magically turned into a coif hat with strings that I could finish in an evening. No picture, because I gave it away. No other knitting, but a lot of care-taking.

Tonight is Bible Study, which means "clean up the house so it is presentable." We once had an agreement NOT to clean up specially for the Bible study group, but that went too far against the grain of hospitality in the hostess' make-up, so we merely promised to stop when the stress interfered with imitating Christ.

As some know, we have a house dangling away on the market. Once it sells, I think I will be mute for months, since I am so out of practice in any other topic of conversation. I have decided to expect good news from the telephone's ring, and not merely another mortgage person trying to gain our business or our prospective buyer's (what is that?) business. You can find the details of our lovely house (never lovelier in its existence) at Please post any comments for our hope or encouragement - you will be rewarded in Heaven, to be sure.

I have a line-up of daunting tasks, and hope to identify tomorrow why procrastination is so attractive. Right now I am going to get after the tasks with a sharpened goad, and dream of knitting tomorrow...


  • At 11:27 PM, Blogger Ruth said…

    hi there, thanks for visiting my knitting blog! can't wait to see pics of your projects... and your daughter sounds very crafty/creative as well! =)

  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger Miss Knotty said…

    Wow. That's a gorgeous house!!! Unfortunately I'm a girl on a tight budget living in a one-bedroom in North Dallas, Texas, but I'd love to have all that open space one day. When I'm solvent. Someday I'll be solvent. Or at least soluble. :D Thanks for your comment on my blog. That house is so beautiful, I'm sure it'll get bought up soon, by just the right people.
    -Regina, aka the Whimsy.


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