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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Regaining Your "Spank"

"That elastic is not so good anymore. It has lost its spank." - Flore-Marie, known as "Momy"

I will attempt to begin most of these posts with epigrams from the family history - My mother is Belgian, and her English is metaphorically gifted, with insights into language and its use that no born speaker of English could come up with. I hope these phrases find their way into your common experience. It is a way to do battle with ennui, which can really drag us into slow unemotional motion.

Two days ago I found a beaded necklace and bracelet made by my 8 year old daughter, whose bead-string had "lost its spank" (see how useful that is?). I loitered in my jammies, steadfastly ignoring the mounting household pressures and focused all my attention on re-stringing (and in one case improving) the beads onto better clasps with better wire. They were so pretty originally that they were worth doing badly, and so pretty that it was even better to re-do them well. By noon, I had two wearable beaded baubles, and no appreciable dent in the housework. Still, if I had been called to Heaven that afternoon, the day would have been a success.

That afternoon my God-sent friend Roberta (who sometimes also has trouble getting started) came over on a mission to clear up the children's playroom, which was a Herculean Labor. She motivated me so much that I finished up the laundry, even.

Then yesterday I shoveled through the rest of the house to my children's discomfiture, but to my immense satisfaction. Much of my angst concerning the non-sale of our other (and better, but for location) house dissipated as I scrubbed and "eewed!" my way through acres of ingrained clutter. (Don't get glad, get mad!!) It helped motivate me that today was trash pick-up day, my CH (clever husband)'s favorite holiday. I believe the house raised up on its foundations once I filled all the outgoing trash bins.

At the end of the day, I felt calm and secure enough to begin reading "Great Expectations" with my children huddled together in the Big Bed. My 6 year old son Simon fell asleep immediately, my 2.5 year old Graham sang a song to himself in a low monotone, and my daughter and I laughed until we cried, recognizing ME in the description of Pip's sister, "Mrs. Joe" and her RAM-pages. Sanctification continues.

Today I joined the Christian Knitters ring (Yay!) and hope to post pictures of the WIPs (works in progress), FOs (Finished Objects) and PIPs(Projects in Planning) soon. I am knitting for charity (hospitals mostly), and also on commission for babies on the way. I try to limit myself to two current projects, but allow more in gift-giving emergencies. Current projects: lavender baby dress, birthday girl's blue/pink muff, and pomatomus socks, which keep separating from their instructions.


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