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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Up from the Miry Pit

For all ye hopeful, yet harassed mothers, knitters, believers - Be encouraged!

Here will be the record of triumph over the blahs which assail us. If you have the dis-ease, be glad, because we can see the cure!

1. Knit a little every day.
2. Knit some more until you feel better (more accomplished, rested, happier)
3. Make some Typhoo decaf tea. Drink it while you do #4.
4. Make a list of 5 minute jobs in the house that would rack up to a sense of
making a difference somewhere today. (Hint: if a job is worth doing at all,
it is worth doing badly. Badly counts.)
5. Read one of the Scriptures of the day (found anywhere) and think it over
until you see how it can change TODAY.
6. Kiss someone you love.

I feel better now, thanks. My plan for this blogarama is to have stories and discoveries which improve life in general (sort of a Hints by Heloise only with a broader application). I welcome insights and corrections. Also free knitting patterns.

Welcome to my world.